This man’s dance battle with a little pug is the cutest thing on the internet today. Viral video

A video of a puppy’s dance battle with his friend hooman has gone viral on social media. The video has over 224,000 views.

A cute puppy dances with his hooman friend in a viral video. (Image courtesy: Twitter)

Have a bad day? Well we have something to make you smile. A video that has gone viral on social media features a little pug and his hooman engaging in a dance battle. The video is too cute to miss. It was shared by the Buitengebieden Twitter account. It has over 224k views.

In the now viral video, a man shows the puppy a step and points to it to copy it. His four-legged friend takes the signal and imitates exactly what he did. His hooman friend then rewards him with a treat. “Dance battle with a puppy (sic),” said the video caption.

Watch the viral video here:

People love this video. However, some users were concerned about the puppy’s safety as the man was jumping too close to him. “It’s cute, but too close to jump around that tiny little puppy (sic),” one user wrote. “Thank you my God for the puppies! May they still have humans who love them. May they always have the upper hand over their humans to the maximum extent consistent with their own health and happiness (sic), ”another user wrote.

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