TommyInnit’s Dance Battle With Charli D’Amelio Ends In The Most Awkward Way

What started as a longtime joke with the TommyInnit community came to a head when he finally met prominent TikToker Charli D’Amelio. Attending Dixie D’Amelio’s album release party, the Minecraft superstar would drag Charli’s dad to the dance floor. Eventually a dance took place between the two and Charli and her dance teacher.

She keeps trying to marry me

TommyInnit against Charli D’Amelio in a heated dance battle

The Minecraft content creator had been trying to get Charli D’Amelio’s attention for a long time, and after months of trying, she followed him in November 2021. The two would meet in person in June 2022, and now fans have more than just a selfie to show it:

“I couldn’t really film, but Larry took me backstage and we met!”

The YouTuber seemed thrilled at first, but then felt like Charli wanted nothing to do with him. He would break the ice later, dancing with his father and singing “Babeby Justin Bieber. From there, the dance battle began:

“Then the DJ leaned over the mic and announced a dance party! What?! Me and Marc versus Charli and her dance teacher”

While TommyInnit didn’t have the biggest moves, Marc D’Amelio, it turns out, has some believable skills as a breakdancer. Charli and her dance teacher were also talented, as the Minecraft streamer noted:

“So I do! After all those hours spent ignoring me, making me look like a fool, she paid the ultimate price: public embarrassment. I swore, I swore at her, oh yeah.

He turned off the TikToker, which seemed to smile the whole time. He then claimed to have melted into the background, sincerely delighted with his meeting with Charli.

YouTube commenters respect At TommyInnit involvement in delicate situations

Fans raved about TommyInnit’s goofy yet genuine behavior around Charli D’Amelio. Instead of putting on airs, he handled the situation in a normal way. A YouTube commenter also praised Marc’s dancing skills.

Many commented on how goofy the YouTuber was (Image via Tommyinnit/YouTube)

Another pointed out that while many people change around famous personalities, the Minecraft YouTuber has stayed true to himself.

Some respected the Minecraft YouTuber’s refusal to be anyone other than himself (Image via YouTube)

Others commented on their love for the video and how TommyInnit can casually insert himself into a situation and make it feel perfectly natural.

The Minecraft YouTuber was able to easily insert himself into a situation and make it look like he belonged (Image via YouTube)
Even though he’s a megastar, Minecraft YouTuber fans respect his connection to his audience (Image via YouTube)

Fans are hoping for more content like this, with many wondering if there will be another meeting between Charli D’Amelio and TommyInnit. Additionally, they hope to see the Minecraft YouTuber retain his quirky personality in his videos.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul