VIDEO: Cloud Gate dance group 9m88 collaborate for Taitung Harvest Festival – News

VIDEO: Cloud Gate dance group and 9m88 collaborate for Taitung harvest festival – news – RTI Radio Taiwan International

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  • November 02, 2021

  • Emma benack
Audiences were in awe of the spectacle staged between the mountains of Taitung County last weekend, and many are eagerly awaiting the return of the performers at the end of this month.

It is time to celebrate the harvest with song and dance in Chishang City in Taitung. Chishang hosts the annual Fall Rice Harvesting Arts Festival with the opening performances last weekend and the final performances on November 27-28.

The stars of the performances are the popular singer 9m88 (also known as Joanne Baba) and the world famous Cloud Gate Dance Theater. The performance, titled Thirteen Tongues, featured an interesting mix of jazz, street sounds and modern dance.

Cloud Gate Artistic Director Cheng Tsung Lung says the performance is meant to use traditional sounds, movements and songs to tell a transformative story. The 9m88 singer says it’s been a rare opportunity for her to create something so fresh and innovative with Cloud Gate.

Cloud Gate and 9m88 even brought kids from the local school on stage to sing along with them at the end. For those who cannot attend this spectacular performance on his return at the end of November, no disappointment. The show will be available via an online broadcast, which is sure to amaze audiences from near and far.


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