Viral Video Of ‘Oyinbo’ Man Performing Impressive Dance Moves At Rural Wedding Leaves Netizens In Awe

  • A The ‘oyinbo’ man caught the attention of many with his impressive groove moves that are proudly South African
  • Facebook page Team Delela shared a viral video showing the man dancing, and it appears to be his wedding too
  • The people of South Africa couldn’t get enough of the old man and loved that their love knows no bounds

Seeing a light-skinned old man doing some proper groove moves at a rural wedding left many people proud and calling out for an African name. He’s an African!

An old white man married a beautiful black woman and captured SA’s heart with his dance moves. Image: Facebook / Team Delela
Source: UGC

South Africa is a beautifully culturally diverse nation. One thing that often brings the races together is music and dancing, just like this old man did.

The Team Delela Facebook page has shared a viral video of an old man proudly performing African dance moves at a rural wedding. Looks like the old white chocolate killer is marrying the gorgeous milk chocolate lady, and it’s a total vibe.

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It is undeniable that the heart of this man belongs to Africa, these movements speak volumes. The man also looked rather dapper in his attire!

Locals shout over the old man’s lit dance moves

What a wow! The ‘oyinbo’ man can groove like a real African and people have gone crazy for it. If he doesn’t already, people have been asking for him to be given a truly African name because there’s no denying where his roots come from after seeing this.

Take a look at some of the comments:

Mrungwa Bha said:

“That Madala has surpassed many of us, her clothing is on!” Body language reveals its interior! Indeed love has no race! Team Delela I love what you feed us every day and we can’t get enough of it! ”

Brenda Bopape said:

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“First if she married his money bcos. Who cares madala seems to be happy to have her and enjoying her last days having fun. He probably doesn’t even care about that so called money. .. He will die happy.

Thuly Abdula said:

“He got the grove. I love his dancing skills. And overall they seemed happy. Good luck in their marriage.

Olivia Joan said:

“They’re probably having so much fun in this relationship. Happy for them.

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