Virg’s World Dance Competition: “Volume 1” | minzy

Dancer and choreographer Virg created the “Celebrity Dance Studio” project to connect dancers around the world with some of their favorite recording artists, and to give them a virtual global stage to showcase their talent within an international community. , all from the safety of their own home.

In the past, Virg has traveled the world and worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo, Mariah Carey, BIGBANG, 2NE1 and more. Now based in Tokyo, he teams up with former member of legendary Korean girl group 2NE1 MINZY for “Volume 1” of his “Celebrity Dance Studio”, one of the largest online dance workshops and competitions in the world.

Winners will receive a cash prize of ¥50,000 and be featured on MINZY’s official Instagram page. Dancers can enter the contest by submitting a video (maximum two minutes long) dancing to MINZY’s song “Ninano (feat. Flowsik)”, which Virg and MINZY will then judge.

Participants can register in several ways. You can submit your own free dance to MINZY’s song and compete to win the grand prize for best choreography, or you can join Virg’s official workshop video and then submit your best video of you reciting the dance you have learned. It is also possible to submit one for each.

To enter, head to the “Join now» page on the official contest website. The entry fee is ¥5,000 per competition and any level dancer from anywhere in the world can participate. If you decide to push your skills and participate in both the freestyle and the official workshop choreography, you’ll get a 20% discount (making it only ¥4,000 for each contest submission).

The deadline to participate is May 31. Check out all the rules and more info at Good luck!