Walker aims to inspire with her debut album, a dance competition | Local News

The number 22 has always been important to N’spire Walker, so it’s no surprise that his first musical recording, “The Evolution of N’spire Walker”, will be released on Tuesday, March 22.

Walker, a community activist, educator and African dancer (she created N’spired Afrocise and founded the Dream Team of the South), is excited about her latest project.

“It’s my way of providing creative opportunities for people in our region, especially our young people,” she explains.

“The Evolution of N’spire Walker” will be released on Tuesday, March 22.

A 2006 graduate of Meridian High School, Walker says music has always been a part of her life, even in her competitive debut on the Serendipity Talent Show during Homecoming Week at the University of West Alabama.

“Serendipity lit a fire beneath me, and music became an integral part of my life and work,” Walker recalled.

Fast forward to today, where Walker uses music with his science students at Magnolia Middle School to reinforce his lessons.

“Music is a way to reach students, and what better way to focus on our young people when they can see that positive and uplifting music can be incorporated into the school curriculum?” she says.

Magnolia principal Sherrod Miller complements Walker’s teaching techniques.

“Her music incorporates and reflects exactly who she is — all full of energy and everyday positivity,” Miller said. “She transmits her teaching to her students in exactly the same way. Our students love music and energy, so they are instinctively drawn to her classes because she has their full attention. It is very effective and inspiring for our young researchers. She does an exceptional job and the kids love her.

Virtual dance competition

Alongside the album’s release, Walker is sponsoring a virtual dance competition to “Get It Whop”, one of the songs on the album.

The dance moves will be detailed on her social media from March 22.

“The winner will receive $100, or if a group video consists of two or more people, the prize will be $200,” Walker said. “I am open to increasing the prize money if the dancers ‘bring the heat’ and add their special touch. If you know how to dance, you can enter.

The competition will run until April 30 and is open to dancers of all ages.

Looking ahead, Walker will perform songs from the album live at the Soulful Groove Festival in Hattiesburg on March 26.

More information

For more details on the dance competition and to learn more about Walker, follow her on Facebook @N’spire Walker and Instagram @nspirewalker22