Watch: Rudiger shows off his dance moves in a music video with Alonzo Abasi in a song named after the Chelsea defender

Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger kicked off the dance moves with Sierra Leonean/Liberian music artist Alonzo Abasi in a recent video collaboration.

In a track titled ‘Rudiger’, and with a chorus that reads ‘I’ll defend you like Rudiger’, who better to have in the music video than the Germany international himself.

Rudiger has built a solid reputation as a locker room dancer and his dynamic dance moves certainly did not disappoint in the upbeat music video, which was partly shot on one of Sierra Leone’s many beaches.

Watch Antonio Rudiger’s dance moves

Why was Antonio Rudiger in Sierra Leone?

Although he represents Germany on the international stage, Rudiger always tries to stay connected to his roots, through football and charity work.

Rudiger’s parents were forced to flee Sierra Leone in 1991 due to the outbreak of a civil war and made a new start in life in Berlin, Germany.

The centre-back has teamed up with children’s aid organisation, BigShoe, in Lunsar, in a bid to help children born with clubfoot, with costly but life-changing surgery.

Rudiger explained the reasoning behind his work saying, “Every child has dreams, but not all have the opportunity to pursue them – I want to change that.”