Watch: Simu Liu shows off hip-hop dance moves on ‘Tonight Show’

Simu Liu opened up about his college hip-hop dance crew while appearing on “The Tonight Show.” File photo by Caroline Brehman/ EPA-EFE

November 19 (UPI) — Simu Liu discussed his college hip-hop dance team and performed a series of rejected songs Saturday Night Live impressions while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

the Shang Chi The star told Fallon on Thursday that his dance team named Hip-Hop Western placed fourth in the provincial college hip-hop competition. The team is named after his school, the University of Western Ontario.

“If you remember 2008, 2009, it was like So you think you can danceit was like pop and lock, America’s Best Dance Team. So we were all doing it like the robot and the body waves and stuff,” Liu said.

Fallon then asked Liu to show off some of his dance moves with Tonight’s show band The Roots providing a beat.

The 32-year-old then started dancing, using a number of different hip-hop moves. Fallon also joined in the fun and danced.

Liu will be the guest host SNL on Saturday with Saweetie as musical guest. Liu said he introduced SNL staff with impressions of Emperor Palpatine from star wars and Gollum of The Lord of the Rings, but that these impressions will not be incorporated into the show.

“Something, something, something from the dark side. I’m very excited to host Saturday Night Live“, said Liu as Palpatine.