[Watch] TUDM Aircraft Marshaller brightens everyone’s day with hilarious dance moves

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Doing the same tasks day after day can be so boring. However, sometimes we can inject some fun into our routine to lighten the mood as long as the work is still done.

A good example is the antics of an airplane controller at work. The Aircraft Controller recently went viral thanks to a video posted by Tiktok user @jklim7.

The video, credited to the INDOAEROVID Youtube page, showed a Royal Malaysia Air Force (TUDM) plane controller having fun guiding planes down the runway.

@ jklim7 Tudm Marshalling🇲🇾 credit:ytb INDOAEROVID #tudm #airforce #malaysiaairforce #fyp #fypmalaysia ♬ original sound – Malaysia Military🇲🇾

In the first clip, the plane’s marshaller could be seen lying sideways on the ground and looking bored while supposedly waiting for the plane to be ready for takeoff.

When it was time to guide a plane, he threw a few fun dance moves to “wiggle” or “hurry” the plane.

His antics also entertained his colleagues who could be seen joining him and dancing with him on the floor. The group even apparently coordinated a dance sequence together.

Netizens were delighted to catch a glimpse of a Malaysian Air Force aircraft controller enjoying his job.

They were entertained by his dance moves and the cheerful demeanor he displayed.

They also enjoyed watching the group’s track report and said it makes them happy to see the team happy at work.

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