J-Hope, known as the captain of BTS’s dance team, gives his all for every performance. He has a long history of dancing and masters the use of every part of his body, down to his fingers, in his choreography. We don’t need a specific occasion to discuss the work our beloved idols have been doing, do we? So today we’re stepping back in time to spotlight our favorite fancams of BTS’ dancing machine J-Hope. J- (or Hope’s Jung Hoseok)’s upbeat demeanor is highly addictive, serving as both a ray of sunshine for ARMY and constant support for the members of BTS.

Check out some of the scenes where he really showed off his dancing prowess below by even including his hands in the performance.

1. J-Hope perfects every aspect of his performance.

2. Her performance at the 2019 Melon Music Awards was incredibly detailed.

3. He has grace when needed.

4….and captivating when it’s hot!

5. The little things mean a lot.

6. Whether contemporary dance…

7. Or a stage for hip-hop.

8. He’s good at keeping the crowd’s attention on him!

9. He uses every aspect of his body to improve his performance…

10….indicating that even his fingertip movements are deliberate.

11. J-Hope demonstrates skill in every performance as a dance enthusiast…

Source: Koreaboo

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