Who was eliminated from the dance battle?

Street Man Fighter will air soon and the preview has fans tensed as episode 5 will be an elimination round, which means a dance crew will be leaving the show. Read below in the story to find out who was eliminated.

Mnet’s dance reality show, Street Man Fighter, has eight fierce dance teams battling it out to make it to the finals: 1MILLION, We Dem Boyz, Eo-Ddae, Bank Two Brothers, Prime Kingz, YGX, Just Jerk and Be Mbitious.

The preview reveals that Prime Kingz will be in the Out Dance Battle, aka the Elimination Mission. The six members of the Prime Kingz team – Knucks, 2face, Kyoyung Jr, Trix, Door and Counter – are renowned for being the best at “battles”, so all eyes are on them.

The live story update below will contain Episode 5 updates and all about elimination.

Street Man Fighter / The Choom YouTube Episode 5 Preview

Street Man Fighter Episode 5 Release Date

Street Man Fighter Episode 5 will be released on September 20 at 10:20 p.m. KST / 9:20 a.m. ET on Mnet. The episode will air on Viu in select regions later.

International fans will also be able to watch all the highlights on The Choom YouTube channel.

Preview of Episode 5

The Street Man Fighter Episode 5 preview reveals that the elimination battle will be based on the dance team that lost the Global K Dance mission.

So far, We Dem Boyz, Prime Kingz, and Be Mbitious have been announced as the losing teams, but only Prime Kingz have been confirmed as participating in the elimination battle.

Although viewers don’t know who the other team is in the elimination battle, it looks like the round will be intense as Judge BoA admitted to being emotional upon seeing it.

We think the Prime Kingz team is confident of winning, while other dance teams will be afraid to face them in an elimination battle.

Check out the full preview below:

Street Man Fighter Elimination

(Episode 5 update, contains spoilers)

Street Man Fighter Episode 5 was intense as fans eagerly awaited the elimination round.

Two teams that have faced each other are Bank Two Brothers and Prime Kingz.

There were five rounds in total for the faceoff where a member or two from each team will dance against the other group.

Round 1: Prime Kingz Door won.

Round 2: Bank Two Brothers Feeldog and Hyu won.

Round 3: the leader of Bank Two Brothers won.

Round 4: Prime Kingz won again.

Round 5: The Bank Two Brothers rookie won.

After five intense rounds of battle, Prime Kingz lost and became the first dance group to be eliminated.

Watch clips from the episode below.

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In other news, Street Man Fighter episode 5: Who was eliminated from the dance battle?