Young dance group brings BGT judges to tears with touching message

5 Star Boys brought Britain’s Got Talent judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon to tears with their dance number inspired by a touching message.

The dance troupe – made up of Beau, Toby, Adam, Joey and Ollie, all aged 10 to 12 – performed a heartfelt routine to You Will Be Found from the musical Dear Evan Hansen.

Before the show, the group explained that the routine was designed to “get the word out to the dancing boys.”

Beau, 12, said: “We try to get the message out to boys who are dancing because it’s not always easy for us, we get bullied.”

Toby, 11, added: “We’re kind of like, ‘we know we’re better than them’.

“But the boys can dance if they want, it won’t affect anyone else and it’s just people who are jealous of you.”

Four of the five boys were dressed in matching blue varsity jackets, with the fifth member, Ollie, wearing a striped t-shirt.

During the moving performance, Ollie was gradually integrated into the group and, at the end of the dance, he was given a jacket to match his fellow dancers.

Dixon, 43, could be seen gushing at the end of the routine, with Holden, 51, also in tears.

One of the young performers was overwhelmed by the standing ovation the band received and covered his face before breaking into tears.

Holden said, “Oh my god you brought me to tears, I thought it was an amazing piece and I just think you should feel extremely proud of yourself because it was beautiful.”

“It was perfect,” said David Walliams. Adding: “You are sensational.”

Dixon was also shattered by the performance, saying, “Collectively you were just stunning and I loved everything about it.”

Simon Cowell shared the jury’s delight, describing the performance as “the best audition we’ve seen all day”.

“Wow, you know there was something about you when you left and I know it’s hard, what you told us, but I promise you, you’re standing there now like five strong boys, who can say to all these idiots, ‘you can’t do what we just did,’ he said.

After receiving a unanimous yes from the jury, the boys shared a group hug on stage.

Another young group also wowed the judges with their fun skit, acting as judges for Britain’s Got Talent and the show’s presenting duo Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.

Manchester Communication Primary Academy staged the process of Cowell, 62, selecting the jury for Britain’s Got Talent, which Donnelly, 46, described as ‘perfect chaos’.

During the performance, which saw one of the children don a black wig and fake black chest hair to imitate Cowell, a pupil dressed as former British Got Talent judge Piers Morgan took the stage for I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift and was quickly fired by young Cowell.

“It was so true to life. Very quirky, very funny, just wonderful,” Walliams said.

With Holden saying, “I absolutely loved it, it was hysterical.”

Pointing to the young actor dressed as Cowell, she said, “I mean, look at Simon’s hairy chest.”

To which the student replied, “Well, what can I say, girls like hairy chest.”

Saturday night’s show also saw the judges blown away by Austrian acrobatic troupe The Freaks, whose performance included a young girl used as a human jump rope.

The performance received a standing ovation from both the audience and the judges, with Dixon saying, “Well now we know why you’re called the freaks because it was just out of this world.

“I mean she was a human jump rope. I have never seen this before.

Cowell called the troupe’s choreographer a “genius.”

The ITV talent show returned to screens this year or the first time after it was canceled in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV.